100% Program

Our 100% Commission Program
Per Month $350.00 | $300.00 | $250.00 | $200.00 | $150.00
Your Recruits 0 1 2 3 4
This will continue until you reach $0 per mo.

Additionally :
The more listing you have the lower your monthly bill


Membership in our National & Local Referral System
Message Forwarding to the Number of your Choice
Office Earnest Escrow Account
Transaction File Storage System
Conference Room
No Transaction Fees
No Franchise Fees
No Desk Fees
No Surprises

Our 100% Commission Program
Per Month $350.00 | $300.00 | $250.00 | $200.00 | $150.00
Your Recruits 0 1 2 3 4
This will continue untill you reach $0 per mo.

No other program puts more Money
in your pocket than Magnums!

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Give yourself some credit!

We will!!

Our agents are now saving the thousands of dollars that their previous company was taking from them. Our agents can now travel on expensive vacations, put  children through college, or buy the home of their dreams without working any harder than they were before. Combine this with the fact that our company does more for the agent than any other company and you have to ask yourself, What are you going to do about it?

What will you do to stop losing thousands of dollars every year to your current broker? How much money are you losing?

This chart will show you how much money you are giving away to your current broker. The center column shows you how much money you are giving away per each million  dollars of sales volume.

Commission Split Lost Dollars Per Million In Sales Volume X Your Sales Volume in  Millions
50% $13,000.00 ???
55% $11,250.00 ???
60% $10,000.00 ???
65% $8,750.00 ???
70% $7,500.00 ???
75% $6,250.00 ???
80% $5,000.00 ???
85% $3,750.00 ???
90% $2,500.00 ???

This chart is based upon an average commission of 2.5% per transaction side

Why Not Put More Money In You Pocket ?

Our program is great for newer agents as well as experienced agents who want to keep their monthly  costs down and still receive all the benefits of affiliating with Magnum Realty. including 100% commission.

New Agents:
Here are some of the many items that are covered in our Fast Track To Success Training  Program

  • How to get what you want out of  the real estate business
  • How to get the right start in the real estate business
  • How to manage a team and make money Nationally
  • How to not be abused by customers  clients and other agents
  • How to get business to come to you
  • How to use inexpensive marketing techniques to get all of the business you can handle
  • How to get paid what you are worth and keep more
  • How to avoid the legal pitfalls of the real estate business
  • How to use technology to get more business and make your life easier
  • How to meet your real estate goals
  • How to target a niche market
  • How to generate a referral business


100% Commission Programs

100% commission  -   $350 per month Minus Recruitment Rewards

$50 per transaction for Errors and Omissions*

* You may provide the office with a copy of your current policy and not pay this per transaction fee.

Recruitment Incentive:
For each Realtor you recruit your monthly fee is reduced by $50 until you reach $0 per mo.

0 recruits 1st recruit  2nd recruit 3rd recruit  4th recruit

Monthly fee      $350        $300         $250           $200          $150

(You retain this monthly fee as long as your recruits are active members of Magnum Realty.)

Listing Incentive:
$$ off your monthly bill for each active listing . Listings are considered active until closed or cancelled.

1-5 listings $5.00 off your monthly fee for each listing. ex: 3 listings = -$15
6-10 listings $10.00 off your monthly fee for each listing.  ex: 7 listings = -$70
11+ listings $15.00 off your month fee for each listing. ex: 12 listings = -$180

For each referral you accept from the office at a 60/40 split you will earn an additional 2% commission for each active listing you have until you reach 75% commission. 75% commission to the top commission paid.

Example: 7 listings x 2% = 60% + 14% =74% on you referrals.

What you will need:

    • Membership :in RWSSC and MAP MLS
    • Home Computer: for input, searching, downloading real
      estate forms and e-mail. (You will receive a
      magnumrealty.com e-mail address)
    • Message center: cell phone or voice mail on home office phone
    • Yard signs: Magnum Logo your Phone # /may use office signs
      with your rider
        Business cards: with company design

You will receive:

Professional office System:

Buyer/seller leads from the office on your sign calls, the leads will be start at 60% commission to you( plus any listing incentives), if you accept the lead.

Messages forwarding to the number of your choice, all faxes will be emailed to you. Transaction file storage system.

Earnest Money Escrow will be held by the office.

Conference room available, access to computer, printer & fax machine

Standard webpage (customizable) on Magnumrealty.com

Free membership in National Referral System.

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